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FIDIC Conditions of Contracts

Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore, Singapore
15 May - 17 May, 2017

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Course Duration: 3 Days
Optional day 3 with a focus on claims under FIDIC

Learning outcomes
This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the FIDIC contracts and an update on new FIDIC contracts and expected changes to the FIDIC contracts.

Delegates are provided with practical information which can readily be implemented in the workplace.

In particular, you should gain:

  • An understanding of updates to the FIDIC contracts, and why they are being made
  • A greater ability to evaluate the risk allocation of your (FIDIC) contract
  • An understanding of your rights and obligations, as Employer, Contractor or Engineer under these contracts
  • Tools required to recognise when you have a claim, how to bring it, and defend it
  • Improved ability to evaluate, agree and resolve claims
  • An understanding of the stages of completion and procedures to be followed at each stage
  • An understanding of guarantees and retention money under the FIDIC contracts
  • Knowledge of how FIDIC deals with termination and suspension and an understanding of the risks which termination and suspension bring
  • An understanding of FIDIC dispute resolution and the tools required to properly bring, defend and avoid disputes


Refreshed course with:

  • Update on new FIDIC contracts and expected changes to the FIDIC documents
  • Update and recent case law and how it impacts on the FIDIC contracts
  • New case studies
  • More practical applications of clauses
  • Enhanced case law focus and lessons learnt
  • Contract review exercise


Course Director
Giovanna Fenster has provided training on FIDIC in Africa, the Pacific, and Australasia. She has presented hundreds of workshops to thousands of construction delegates over the last 15 years.


What Delegates Like About Our Legal Courses
“Interesting topics and work related. Good lecturer/experience. Broadens my view towards construction contracts”
Kuantan Port Consortium Sdn Bhd

“It is relevant to my course of work. Learned more about conditions of contract”
Tuas Power Generation Pte Ltd

“The trainer is superb. Clear explanation on the topic. Gained better understanding of the clauses with respect to claims and subcontracting under FIDIC Form of contract”
Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd

“Fruitful information. It is a course on the practical application of FIDIC contracts”
BANI Arbitration Center