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24-09-2018 (Singapore)

P17149 Developing Solar & Wind Power Projects
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Developing Solar & Wind Power Projects

24 – 25 September 2018 , Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore

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Learning outcomes & course takeaways

  • An integrated, high-level understanding of how multiple factors impact the investment outcomes of solar and wind power projects.
  • Checklists for analysing aspects including business case planning, project delivery and risk mitigation.
  • A simple quantitative model (in Excel) to illustrate and examine key principles and variables, around cash flow, investor returns and competitive bidding.
  • Specific project development and investment considerations of solar PV and wind power projects.
  • Illustrative, up-to-date case studies of projects and market/investment approaches from around the world.

Who Should Attend

  • Renewable Energy Project Developers and Investors across Solar and Wind
  • IPPs and EPCs
  • Government, Academia and Research
  • Banking and Finance
  • Electricity Distribution and Grid Management companies
  • Energy Storage Systems providers
  • Industrial Energy users
  • RE Project equipment, technology and systems providers

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~ Project Administration and Monitoring Dept. Head, PT. MRT Jakarta

“Topics are very interesting; the speaker spoke clearly, well organized and easily understand his lessons.”
~ Accountant, Department of Energy


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Dr John Massey

Managing Director, Grey Cells Energy Ltd


Day 1

Making the financial case for solar and wind power projects

  • Essentials of any power project business case: costs, revenues, returns and key milestones.
  • Identifying key business case and investment risks and defining key terms.
  • Internal vs external risks: a financial analysis checklist
  • Introducing and using a cash-flow model (Excel) to illustrate interactions between the key power project economic variables.
  • Project finance vs equity investment variables: the key importance of financing costs
  • Policy & market inputs (and how they impact risks & returns)

Power project development and delivery processes: what, when and why?

  • Defining the key phases and project milestones.
  • Contrasting different project types, in terms of issues such as risk evolution and timescales.
  • Examining key contracts: FiT/PPA, EPC, O&M, EIA, Grid Connection and more (including examples).
  • Example project timelines and the main lessons to be drawn from them.
  • Why do power projects fail?
  • What makes projects bankable?

Focus on solar (PV) projects: key features and trends

  • Understanding the solar resource, including land use, irradiation maps and energy uncertainty.
  • PV project construction features, requirements and key components.
  • Key technology choice issues and project development options, including module choice, inverters, tracking and more.
  • The main determinants of plant performance ratio.
  • What are the major solar PV project risks?
  • Trends, innovations and emerging technologies in solar projects (including bifacial modules, microinverters, floating solar farms and more)

Solar PV business analysis

  • Cost and energy price trends in solar PV: what has been driving costs down?
  • Defining (and critiquing) key cost metrics, including LCOE.
  • Who buys solar power? (Market entry points including tenders, FiTs and corporate PPAs)
  • Sensitivity analysis: feeding project risk considerations (and development options) into the financial model.
  • The future evolution of solar power from an economic perspective.
  • Summary: a PV project development & investment checklist

Day 2

Focus on wind power projects: key features and trends

  • Understanding the wind resource, including complexity and energy uncertainty (and the importance of “P90” vs “P50”).
  • Producing a bankable wind resource assessment.
  • Wind project construction features and requirements, including design, land use and logistics.
  • Components and cost structure in an onshore wind project.
  • Key trends in wind turbine technology: how they impact project performance and how they affect project delivery.

Offshore wind projects:

  • The growth of offshore wind, including why it is a very different project, cost structure and risk proposition to onshore wind.
  • Offshore wind construction challenges, including disruptive approaches such as floating turbines.

Wind power business analysis

  • Cost and energy price trends in wind power.
  • Who buys wind power? (Market entry points including tenders, FiTs and corporate PPAs)
  • Comparing and contrasting the economics of on- and off-shore wind.
  • Sensitivity analysis: feeding project risk considerations into the financial model, including curtailment.
  • The future evolution of wind power from an economic perspective.
  • Can offshore wind ever be cost-competitive with onshore? (A quantitative discussion of future cost reduction and performance improvement potentials)
  • Summary: a wind project development & investment checklist

Integrating energy storage into solar and wind power projects

  • Understanding the system value of “variable” electricity supply (and the costs and challenges of integration).
  • Where storage fits into the electricity system (including why it is very different to electricity generation).
  • Focus on battery storage: technology, cost and capacity trends.
  • Where, why and how energy storage is being deployed today (and how and why that might change in future).
  • The potential revenue streams from energy storage.
  • Project deployment, structuring and economic considerations for co-locating energy storage with solar or wind projects (new or existing).
  • Summary: an energy storage development & investment checklist

Anticipating and managing key shifts in the solar and wind power businesses

  • Technical and policy challenges in the integration of increased solar and wind power capacities into reliable and flexible power grids.
  • The move towards “subsidy-free” renewable power: how this changes the market for PPAs and the universe of buyers.
  • Distributed and “smart” energy systems, including the markets for commercial and community projects.

Course wrap-up

  • Project investment and growth within the context of key market trends, emerging disruptors, evolving policy environments, energy mix and grid integration challenges.

when & where

24 - 25 Sep 2018

Mandarin Orchard Singapore, by Meritus
333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867
Tel: +65 6831 6062 | Fax: +65 6737 3130
Mobile No.: +65 8298 9442
Contact Person: Tan Ai Li

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