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04-04-2019 (Singapore)

P52265 Essentials of Shipping
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Essentials of Shipping

4 – 5 April 2019 | Mandarin Orchard Singapore

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This 2-day seminar is essential for shipping industry professionals wishing to acquire an understanding of commercial, regulatory and technical aspects in shipping. By providing a spectrum of content in the shipping industry, the course is suitable for both commercial professionals who may benefit from fundamental technical knowledge; and for technical professionals to improve essential commercial aspects. Over the course of 2 days, participants will learn about:

  • Maritime economics; maritime supply chain and products
  • Important international conventions, governance and international trade routes
  • Fundamental technical issues in handling different types of cargo
  • International trade, incoterms and bills of lading
  • Vessel types servicing shipping trades and vessel classifications
  • Basics of technical management, planning, procurement & compliance
  • Chartering as a key revenue generator and charterparty principle terms and obligations
  • Marine liabilities and marine insurance
  • An examination of modern port and facilities
  • HSE and security aspects in marine environment
  • Market forecasting, the foreseeable and unforeseeable risks
  • INCOTERMS and how they apply to international maritime activities

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for individuals with limited exposure to either or all technical, legal and commercial aspects in the shipping industry, but need an overall perspective on how the industry operates

  • New entrants to the shipping or port industry
  • Charterers
  • Logistics and shipping personnel from commodity owners/ suppliers
  • Service providers to the shipping industry
  • Lawyers
  • Vessel crewing personnel
  • Maritime regulatory organisations
  • Non-marine ship owner/manager employees
  • Bankers interested in the transport sector


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Capt. Robert Gordon Shipping Law & Contract Fundamentals

Capt. Robert Gordon

Master Mariner & Solicitor (England & Wales) Managing Director, SeaProf Executive Education Former MD and Chairman, SEAsia P&I Services


Day 1


  • Origins of ships and shipping as ‘the handmaiden of international trade’.
  • Today’s principal trade routes.
  • Differences between bulk trades (wet & dry) and liner trades.
  • Past drivers of shipping change and future disruptors?
  • Understanding ship tonnage including DWT, GT and NT.
    • Global merchant fleet review: Dry bulk carriers
    • Oil & Chemical Tankers
    • Containerships
    • Multipurpose vessels
    • Ro- Ro’s & Flo-Flo’s
    • Service ships including OSV’s, Dredgers, Drill Rigs etc.
  • Ship owning company basic organisation and structure.
  • Flag options, issues and choices


  • Global economics and the fundamentals of product & materials supply and demand.
    • The ‘Four Primary Markets’ New building acquisition.
    • Chartering revenue.
    • S&P and ‘asset play’.
    • Demolition/Scrap sale.
  • Freight market impacts and the shipbuilding time lag.
  • Problems of overcapacity: How many ships are there?
    • How many being built?
    • Shipyard subsidies and market distortions?
  • Shipping market cycles, their history, frequency & duration.
  • Market forecasting, the foreseeable and unforeseeable risks.
  • What part of the shipping cycle are we in today?


  • Shipping’s supporting role as the sea transport component of an exported goods sale.
  • INCOTERMS and CIF, CFR and FOB export sales.
  • The ‘Letter of Credit’ system for the secure payment of exported goods.
  • Bills of Lading, main types and commercial functions.
  • The Hague, Hague Visby and Hamburg Rules and their legal impact on the parties to a Bill of Lading.
  • Obligation on the carrier to issue a Bill of Lading and the information it must contain.
  • Problems with Bills of Lading that can expose the carrier to serious liabilities.
  • Bills of Lading, Letters of Credit and compliance with UCP 500


  • Chartering as a key revenue generator.
    • Chartering options including: Voyage chartering as the payment of freight.
    • Time chartering as the hire of a ship, crew & services at daily rate.
    • Bareboat chartering as the long hire term of a ship and no crew or services.
  • Shipowner and Charterer port and voyage costs allocation.
  • Charter party principal terms and obligations.
  • BIMCO and other ‘standard form’ chartering contracts and clauses.
  • Role of the Chartering Broker as an intermediary and agent.
  • Process of ‘fixing’ a vessel and negotiating a ‘clean fix’.
  • Post fixture roles of the Charterer’s Operations Dept. and Port Agents.
  • Issue and signature of Bills of Lading under Charter Parties.

Day 2


  • International Organisations IMO
    • ILO
    • UNCTAD
    • CMI
  • Private Organisations (NGO’s) ICS & BIMCO
    • IACS
    • ASF, SSA and FASA
  • Martime Conventions SOLAS
    • MARPOL
    • STCW Convention
    • MLC
  • Turning Conventions into Law.
  • Compliance and enforcement:
    • UNLCOS
    • Flag State, Coastal State and Port State control.
    • Class Societies as Flag State ‘Registered Organisations’.
    • Singapore MPA as a maritime authority and shipping regulator.
    • Commercial inspection by P&I insurers and charterers e.g. Rightship.
    • Legal and commercial penalties for regulatory non-compliance


  • Origins of ship management as an in-house process.
  • Principal functions including:
    • Company executive, policy and strategy.
    • Commercial management, chartering, operations and compliance.
    • Technical management, planning, procurement & compliance.
    • Crewing recruitment, retention, training and compliance,
  • Development of 3rd party ship management.
  • Consideration of potential outsourcing benefits and downside risks.


  • Shipowner loss & liabilities:
    • Collisions, jetty contacts and groundings.
    • Hull and engine damage repairs and time lost.
    • Cargo damage, pollution, crew injury and death.
    • Sinking and total loss.
  • Charterer liabilities:
    • Unsafe port and berth claims by shipowners.
    • Stevedore damage.
    • Bad bunker damage to ship’s engines.
    • Bunker pollution.
  • Cargo owner loss & liabilities:
    • Cargo damage, total loss or CTL while in transit.
    • Cargo theft and piracy.
  • Exposure to Salvage costs and General Average (GA).
  • Loss of income and profits.
  • Basic principles of marine insurance as a contract of indemnity.
  • Global impact of the Marine Insurance Act 1906
  • Common policy terms and the risks covered by:
    • Hull & Machinery (H&M) insurance.
    • Shipowner’s & Charterer’s Protection & Indemnity (P&I) + FD&D.
    • Cargo Insurance.
    • Ancillary covers including War, Terrorism & Piracy.
  • Insurance claims settlement, subrogation and recovery claims.


  • Ballast water management.
  • MARPOL and the 2020 Sulphur Cap
  • Green fuels including LNG, Storage Batteries, Methane etc.
  • Digitalisation and Data Analytics.
  • Robotics and AI
  • Autonomous Ships and Drones

when & where

04 - 05 Apr 2019

Mandarin Orchard Singapore, by Meritus
333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867
Tel: +65 6831 6062 | Fax: +65 6737 3130
Mobile No.: +65 8298 9442

Contact Person: Tan Ai Li

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