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InsurTech Elevate Asia

3 – 6 July 2018, Amara Hotel Singapore

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Asia’s insurance sector is seeing a surge in growth and popularity of InsurTech, who are making strong inroads into the insurance value chain to transform the industry. Investments in digitalisation are impacting current business models, products, customer acquisition, business processes, claims and much more.

InsurTech Elevate Asia brings to market real-life case studies, opportunities for partnerships and collaboration, technical and regulatory solutions needed, and most importantly, how to get your digital strategy off the ground. The conference will also examine emerging issues from the latest developments in InsurTech, such as telematics, blockchain, connected insurance and applications of the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the use of big data in generating insights for product development and optimising value chains.

Conference Highlights

  • Case studies and evaluation of InsurTech pilot programs and digital transformation
  • Latest government perspectives on regulatory frameworks surrounding the adoption of insurtech
  • Strategies and use cases in leveraging data to drive various components of the value chain
  • Industry panels on effectively harnessing opportunities created by InsurTech and digitalisation
  • Emerging technologies, and what is getting attention from insurers
  • Innovation and collaboration models in the sharing economy

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8:00 am

Registration Starts & Morning Coffee

8:55 am

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


9:00 am

  • Artificial intelligence and data analytics in supervisory engagement at MAS
  • Supervisory Tech (SupTech) as an enabler for data analytics capabilities and innovation in the InsurTech ecosystem
  • Transforming financial supervision and regulatory processes for better aggregation of data in today’s digital economy

9:30 am

  • The state of corporate venture capital and insurance CVC
  • Understanding different models of CVC and key success factors
  • Inbound innovation for proof-of-value vs proof-of-concept

10:40 am

Morning Networking & Refreshment Break


11:00 am

  • The impact and outlook of technological disruption in the insurance value chain
  • Turning the ubiquitous InsurTech trend into a compelling business case, and bridging the gap between innovative concept and commercialized solutions
  • Success factors proven in these recent cases from across Asia, including:
    • A digital wellness product in India,
    • A health parametric solution managing personal diabetes conditions in Singapore,
    • A flight delay parametric solution in China, and
    • An OptiCrop Agriculture solution in China

11:30 am

  • Operational efficiency to improve productivity, and relocate more resources from back-end to customer service and distribution
  • Customer experience to transform the company to be customer-centric
  • Digital distribution to generate revenue from online, to get closer to customers, and develop innovative products and services to meet customer needs

12:00 pm

Networking Lunch and VIP Tables

1:00 pm

  • Cracking digital life insurance in India
  • Building one of the world’s leading pioneer’s in digital life insurance
  • Pitfalls and tips – lessons learned

2:00 pm

  • Development of digital ecosystems and role of Insurance-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • AXA’s journey towards an IaaS platform

2:30 pm

  • Leveraging customer touchpoints and data in driving stickiness and insights
  • Use of access to new and continuous data about customers and their lifestyles in product development
  • Facilitating accelerated and dynamic underwriting for better customer relevance and experiences

3:00 pm

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break


3:30 pm

Reserved Session

Senior Representative from DataRobot,

4:30 pm

  • How AIMLDL is impacting Healthcare?
  • Can we predict one’s claims experience for healthcare and insurance?
  • Why the future of AIMLDL is exciting and what can we expect?

5:00 pm

  • Translating data streams into actionable, data-driven insights
  • Curating a data strategy and scaling it for adoption in digital transformation
  • Implications for integrating data science and machine learning capabilities into insurance business models
  • Use cases for customer-centric applications of big data and machine learning

5:30 pm

Chairperson’s Summary & End of Main Conference Day One

8:30 am

Morning Coffee

8:50 am

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


9:00 am

  • Examining the life insurance penetration rate in Malaysia
  • Regulatory initiatives to encourage innovation and improve insurance take up
  • Early lessons learnt and suggestions for the way forward

9:30 am

  • Tactical, Radical, Exploratory: MS Amlin’s Strategic Innovation
  • What Blockchain is Delivering for Marine Insurance
  • How the Blockchain Platform Will Develop

10:00 am

  • The implications of emerging technologies on the insurance industry
  • Innovation projects that LumenLab has worked on, which involves collaboration with leading insurtech startups, to tackle problems in the industry and while disrupting it

10:30 am

Morning Networking & Refreshment Break

11:00 am

  • The Innovation Journey
  • Challenges in corporate innovation
  • Innovation Launchpad and our PoC’s

11:30 am

Case Study: Developing Product Strategy through Data, Analytics and IoT

Ashish Umre, Head of Artificial Intelligence (Accelerate Partner), XL Catlin, UK

12:00 pm

Networking Lunch

1:00 pm

  • Securing the digital insurance business & minimizing fraud by implementing Blockchain
  • Paradigm shift in Cyber security strategy for an InsurTech enterprise
  • Acko’s foremost strategy in adopting the new-age technologies like machine learning & IoT


1:30 pm

  • Keeping up with the evolving financial landscape and assessing capabilities for a digital business model
  • Key drivers of internal change within organisations and use cases of implementing technologies into value chain
  • Open banking, APIs – its role and implications in developing the financial ecosystem

2:10 pm

  • Harnessing IoT and connected devices for real-time data insights in telematics, homes, healthcare, general insurance

For speaking opportunities, kindly contact Genevieve.Lim@ibcasia.com.sg

2:45 pm

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

3:15 pm

  • Emerging collaboration models within the industry, and strategies for integrating distribution channels
  • Establishing symbiotic and synergistic partnerships that translate to value

4:30 pm

Chairperson’s Summary and End of Conference

9:00 am

About the Workshop:
Machine learning is widely considered a fundamental approach to providing data-driven solutions for insurance industry or healthcare organizations, but how does machine learning actually work? What inputs are used in machine learning and what value to you get from machine learning? What is being “learned”? How are algorithms finally implemented into production systems and consumed by the end users? This workshop will teach attendees how to establish and successfully run a machine learning pipeline. Attendees with walk away with a practical introduction to machine learning that focuses on both technical and business-relevant concepts.

Key Takeaways:

  • A clear understanding of the definition of machine learning
  • An understanding of how machine learning is used
  • An overview of the tools and systems used in machine learning pipeline
  • An understanding of how machine learning is implemented into business environments
  • What a sustainable machine learning pipeline looks like

1:00 pm

End of workshop

9:00 am

Advances in technology and the introduction of InsurTech have been key drivers for innovation in insurance. For insurers looking to kick start or understand where to progress next in their innovation journey, what are the emerging trends and technologies that will continue to pave the way for the insurance industry? This workshop seeks to provide an overview and understanding of how the insurance landscape is set to evolve and how insurers can establish innovation and digitalisation capabilities to achieve business priorities and goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • An overview of emerging trends and technologies in insurance and the InsurTech scene
  • An understanding of where attendees stand in their digital journey and how to structure business priorities for digitalisation
  • What is required to successful establish innovation capabilities and culture
  • OPEX, CAPEX considerations
  • Implementation strategies with case studies

1:00 pm

End of workshop


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Post Conference Workshop SGD $400

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Li Xuchun

Deputy Director & Head of Supervisory Technology Office, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Singapore

Everett Leonidas

Senior Investment Lead, Aviva Ventures, Singapore

Martijn de Jong

Chief Digital Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, Aegon Life Insurance, & VP Digital, Aegon Asia, India

Tomasz Kurzyck

Head of Digital, AXA Insurance, Singapore

Koichi Narasaki

Group Chief Digital Officer, SOMPO Holdings, Japan

Namrata Jolly

Director, Head of Customer & Digital, Prudential Assurance Singapore, Singapore

Yannick Even

Director, Head of InsurTech Solutions, Asia, Swiss Re, Hong Kong

Dennis Liu

SVP & Head of Business Transformation & Technology, Etiqa Insurance, Singapore

Thomas Dijohn

Vice-President Asia-Pacific, dacadoo APAC, Australia

Senior Representative from DataRobot

Ramkumar Venkatachalam

Global Head of Data Strategy and Governance, QBE Insurance, & Senior Vice President Data and Analytics, QBE Emerging Markets, Hong Kong

Terence Soo

Head, Data Analytics and Compliance, MHC Asia, Singapore

Daniel Addyson

Senior Consultant, Advanced Analytics, Population Health Solutions, Aetna International, South Korea

Daniel Lee

Deputy Director, Insurance Development, Bank Negara Malaysia

Paul Taffinder

Director of Strategy & Innovation, MS Amlin, UK

Lee Ng

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, LumenLab, Metlife Innovation Centre, Singapore

Tiago Sanchez

Innovation Lead, Allianz Global & Corporate Specialty, Singapore

Ashish Umre

Head of Artificial Intelligence (Accelerate Partner), XL Catlin, UK

Shashank Bajpai

Chief Information Security Officer, ACKO, India

Stuart Gurr

Head of Transformation & CTO, Asia, Deutsche Bank, Singapore

Saurav Bhatia

Global Head Digital Insights, Digital Banking, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

Grace Fong

Vice President, Distribution, CXA Group, Singapore

when & where

03 - 06 Jul 2018

Amara Hotel Singapore
165 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088539
Tel: +65 6879 2555
Fax: +65 224 3910


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