P10608 4th Annual International Schools China 2018
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4th Annual International Schools China 2018

20 – 22 November 2018, Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview

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As the Chinese population strives for bilingual and westernised education, the international and private school market is booming. The local industry generates close to $4bn in annual tuition fees income, reports ISC Research. The market though is grappling with untapped opportunities in some regions, and saturation in the others.

IBC Asia’s 4th International Schools China once again returns to address the challenges confronting a fragmented market, growth and innovation opportunities, and most importantly, showcasing strategies for enhancing student outcomes.

Conference Highlights

  • The ONLY such conference with a focus on international and private schools
  • 3rd successive year with demonstrated success and proven industry support
  • Executive Leadership Roundtable on school strategy, innovation and growth
  • Students’ Interview – what makes for a differentiated learning experience
  • School case studies on growth strategies, going digital, and innovation in teaching

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8:00 am

Main Conference Registration and Morning Coffee

9:00 am

IBC Asia’s Welcome Address

9:05 am

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


9:10 am

  • Trends, growth area, developments of international schools market in China
  • Where is the industry moving towards to?
  • Update on the implications of the new national law on private education in China

9:40 am

  • Licensing and classification
  • Financial incentives and corporate governance
  • Land acquisition
  • Partnerships and JVs
  • Growth and investment opportunities in Sino-foreign cooperative schools vs Bilingual / Chinese-owned private schools


10:10 am

(NEW SCHOOL) Case Study: The Set-Up Process from the Perspective of a UK School

Karl Gross, Director of Overseas Schools, King’s College School, UK

10:40 am

Morning Networking and Refreshment Break

11:10 am

Cooperatively Run School Perspective: Establishing a Chinese International High School in China – Regulations, Leaderships, Culture Differences

Brantley Turner, American Principal, Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School, China

11:40 am

(NEW SCHOOL) Challenges and Opportunities in Schools Expansion into China

Sara Brazendale, Director of International Schools, Wycombe Abbey International School, UK

12:10 pm

Building Creative and Innovative Learning Spaces

Andrew Short, Sales Director – International Schools, Furnware, New Zealand

12:30 pm

Networking Lunch

1:30 pm

  • How are regulatory changes affecting private schools?
  • How will it affect new comers into this education market?
  • Case studies for preschool licensing in Shanghai and the kind of curriculum that can be used

2:00 pm

Case Study: Creating a 21st Century School and Education in China

Jackie Becher, Executive Principal, EtonHouse Shanghai, China


2:30 pm

  • Case Studies: Nanjing International School and various Australian projects
  • Embracing relevant and authentic research projects for human-centered design processes

3:00 pm

Redesigning Learning Spaces for the China Market

John D’Arcy, Deputy Director, Western Academy of Beijing, China

3:30 pm

Afternoon Networking Tea


4:00 pm

  • How we can build systems and socialise knowledge to drive positive and effective educational change
  • Leveraging effective professional development, to close the culture gap between school, parents and faculty

4:30 pm

  • Safeguarding and child protection as part of recruitment process
  • Data and statistics
  • Exploring policies and best practices

4:50 pm

  • Responding to the policy change to limit recruiting staff from six native English-speaking countries for Schools for the Children of Foreign Workers
  • What works and what didn’t?
  • Availability of resources to improve teachers’ effectiveness
  • Professional development for teachers

5:30 pm

End of Day One Conference and Networking Cocktails

9:00 am

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


(NEW SCHOOL) Why Bilingual Education?

Rachel Borland, Principal, Shanghai Concord Bilingual School, China

9:30 am

  • International – Chinese fusion bilingual market potential and investment strategies
  • How the curriculum design strategies should be?
  • Regulations amidst opportunities and challenges
  • Student assessment criteria
  • Business and operations models

10:10 am

Bilingual Curriculum: Equipping Students with Knowledge and Skills Based On Solid Foundation of Chinese Culture Whilst Providing International Learning Experience

Lili Jia, Dean of Curriculum, Keystone Academy, China

10:40 am

Morning Networking and Refreshment Break

11:10 am

  • An appreciation of research-based evidence for factors that make professional learning effective
  • Implications for a bilingual context
  • Strategies for effective training in a bilingual schools
  • Explore what this means for development of leadership in bilingual schools

11:40 am

Implication of Changes to European Data Protection Law and its Impact on Usage of Technology in Classrooms (suggested)

Mark Orchison, Managing Director, 9ine, UK


12:10 pm

(NEW SCHOOL) Teacher Professional Development with a Focus on Incremental Coaching

Neil Clayton, Founding Principal, Lucton School Shanghai, China

12:30 pm

Networking Lunch

1:30 pm

2:00 pm

  • Narrowing the gap between local and international educators
  • Curriculum design and program delivery for varying student demographics
  • Managing parents with different culture and expectations

2:30 pm

  • Providing essential insight from student formative assessment data to help school leadership teams deliver better educational outcomes
  • Personalising teaching and identifying individual learning support needs
  • The importance of data and implementing an effective assessment programme

3:00 pm

Afternoon Networking Tea

3:30 pm

  • What is standards-based grading?
  • Principles of standards-based grading: how does it work
  • How to move a school from traditional reporting to standards based

4:00 pm

  • Cultivating reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • Innovative learning and developing research skills
  • Retaining students’ learning with the use of all senses
  • Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication

4:30 pm

  • Addressing key issues and unique challenges faced by the international schools market in China
  • The changing face of education – How can we best prepare the next generations of students for the new digital world
  • With growing competitions, how do you distinguish yourself from other schools?

5:10 pm

Close of conference

9:00 am

This strategic workshop will give you a better understanding of operating international school in China. It will intensively highlight practical tools to plan your strategy to set up, expand your current school’s market share and ultimately succeed in China.

  • How do you raise your current school’s profitability to the next level?
  • What are the regulations involved in setting up a school?
  • Do policies differ from cities to cities?
  • Which part of the China market is saturated and which cities are emerging?
  • What are investor’s priorities?

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Identifying types of international schools and understanding the gaps
  • Understanding regulatory procedure, policies and licensing in different cities
  • Examining the China market

1:00 pm

End of workshop


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Richard Gaskell

Schools Director, ISC Research, Thailand

Karl Gross

Director of Overseas Schools, King’s College School, UK

Brantley Turner

American Principal, Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School, China

Sara Brazendale

Director of International Schools, Wycombe Abbey International School, UK

Andrew Short

Sales Director – International Schools, Furnware, New Zealand

Joseph Lee

Founder and Principal, Busy Bee Education, China

Jackie Becher

Executive Principal, EtonHouse Shanghai, China

Philip Idle

Director, EIW Architects, Australia

John D’Arcy

Deputy Director, Western Academy of Beijing, China

Will Percy

China Director, WCBS

Sam Cowley

Business Development Manager, Schrole

Kelly Wailes

Interim Headmistress, Harrow Shanghai, China

Rachel Borland

Principal, Shanghai Concord Bilingual School, China

Tao Sun

Founder & Executive Chairman, Elite K-12 Education Group, China

Ahmed Hussain

Senior Director of Academics, Wellington College China, China

Lili Jia

Dean of Curriculum, Keystone Academy, China

Mark Orchison

Managing Director, 9ine, UK

Neil Clayton

Founding Principal, Lucton School Shanghai, China

Caroline Taylor

Head of College, Dulwich College Shanghai, China

Jaren Nolan

Head of Primary, Nord Anglia British International School Shanghai, China

Kevin Hall

Head of International Education, Nord Anglia Education, China

Darin Schmidt

Principal, Shenzhen American International School, China

when & where

20 - 22 Nov 2018

Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview
333 Guang Zhong Road West, Jing’an District
Shanghai, 200072 China
Phone:+86 21 3669 8888
Fax:+86 21 3669 8668

Cartrina Wang 王洁琼 | Senior Sales Manager-EBC
T: 86 21 3669 8666 | M:13585605981



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