P46362 2nd Annual Pharma Market Access and Pricing Summit Asia 2018
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2nd Annual Pharma Market Access and Pricing Summit Asia 2018

18 – 21 Sep 2018, One Farrer Hotel & Spa, Singapore

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Asia’s pharma markets are extremely complex with each country governed by very different healthcare policies, reimbursement schemes, unique pricing, with large risks involved in entering the market, particularly with high priced, specialty drugs/therapeutics. Once way is to overcome this is to out-license, which cuts risks but can also decrease profits. There is also no guarantee that this will lead to success.

2nd Annual Pharma Market Access Asia 2018 brings pharma and industry together to navigate the complex environments and lessons learnt from successfully and profitable market entries for orphan drugs, high priced therapeutics, generics, biosimilars and more.

“Excellent event! Looking at multiple perspective from patients, policy maker, prescriber, provider, and payers. Well done to the producer and organizing team!”
Sebastien Boisseau, Market Access Director, Mundipharma

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Conference Highlights

  • Country Case Studies – On market access by Pharma companies
  • Growth Markets and Strategy Spotlight for Biosimilars, Generics, Orphan drugs, etc
  • Pricing and Reimbursement – Strategies for improving market access
  • Leveraging HEOR and RWE – In support of Market Access
  • Out Licensing and Partnerships – For successful collaboration models

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8:00 am

Main Conference Registration and Morning Coffee


9:00 am

Addressing on skilled talent, strong manufacturing capabilities and thriving research ecosystem in pharmaceutical firms to set up to serve patients and connect with the growing Asian market

9:30 am

[Industry Address] Integrating Silicon with Drugs: Pushing the Boundaries of Pharma Manufacturing with Digital Medicines

Nik Leist, Senior Director, Ingestible Sensor Manufacturing/Site Leader, Proteus Digital Health, USA

10:00 am

  • Drug pipeline growth areas
  • Regulatory trends
  • Innovation in pricing and market access
  • The most significant industry trends in the long term, and how should Pharma respond

10:40 am

Morning Networking and Refreshment Break. End of Plenary Session


11:10 am

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


11:20 am

  • Pricing and reimbursement governance
  • Implementing best practices, policies and tools for enhanced pricing decisions in private and reimbursed markets
  • Adapting market access strategies for growth regions (Japan, Korea & China markets) in Asia

11:50 am

  • Understanding the current landscape in ANZ in light of reimbursement models and payer needs
  • Effectively managing stakeholder expectations and aligning market strategies
  • Utilizing HEOR to formulate effective pricing strategies

1:00 pm

Networking Lunch


2:00 pm

  • Overview of evidence-driven approach for strategic planning in Asia Pacific
  • How HEOR/RWE can support pricing and market access in different product lifecycle?
  • Leveraging retrospective and prospective real world data to strengthen product value communication with relevant stakeholders

2:30 pm

  • Design and implement cost-minimization and cost-effectiveness models to support local product adoption
  • Implement clinical and economic studies to generate outcome data and support local reimbursement submissions
  • Ensuring successful health economics, pricing and tender outcomes through strategic internal and external collaborations

3:00 pm

  • Due to the scarcity of patients and knowledge on rare diseases, orphan drugs often pose challenges to patients, payers, regulatory authorities and legislators.
  • Also, when introducing a new drug, it is always important that the pharmaceutical company recognizes differences in access procedures by country, which are more complicated in orphan drugs.
  • All the pharmaceutical companies who aim to benefit rare disease patients in the region need to understand the current state of the art surrounding the access procedures, which are progressing daily but still have many complications country by country.

3:30 pm

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break


4:00 pm

Addressing Payer Needs: Payer Insights from An Insurer’s Perspective

  • Fueling data-driven healthcare through big data & healthcare analytics
  • Improving collaborations between pharma & insurers, in terms of data sharing to derive costs
  • Consolidating real-world patient data for coverage decisions and value-based payments
  • Current medical insurance and claims regulation landscape for patients in HK
  • Factors affecting medical coverage of patients and costs involved
  • Enabling affordability for patients and better long-term treatment options
  • Better drugs for lesser side effects and the importance of preventive medicine

5:30 pm

Networking Cocktail

8:50 am

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


9:00 am

  • Moving away from traditional fee-for-service reimbursement models to value-based pricing models
  • Adapting pricing and rebate strategies for multiple entities in a multi-payer system
  • Driving efforts to shape external healthcare policy to mitigate short-term business risk and maximize long-term value

9:30 am

  • Overview of reimbursement and pricing approval process in Taiwan
  • Critical criteria for pricing and reimbursement of drugs
  • Accelerating patient access to new drugs, improving affordability and mitigating reimbursement costs

10:00 am

  • Rising drug prices have made payers ever more aware of the risks and impacts of cost blowouts
  • Reviewing Australia’s PBS system and how its several mechanisms (HTA, MES, PfP & RSAa) are being used to manage costs and maximize program value
  • Maximizing access to innovative drugs whilst limiting expenditure on cost ineffective interventions

10:30 am

Morning Networking & Refreshment Break


11:00 am

  • Reviewing current landscape in Thailand (UHC scheme, reimbursement model, govt policy)
  • Performing comparative clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and budget impact assessment of new drugs
  • Working with stakeholders to build capacity for HTA in Thailand and at the global level

11:30 am

  • Brief overview of pricing in key mature markets for high-priced drugs (including Japan)
  • Presentation of pricing analysis of a number of analogues looking at yearly vs. lifetime costs per patient
  • Discussion on potential alternative ways to think about pricing innovative drugs

12:00 pm

  • Closing gaps in molecular medicine today, to open up more novel treatment options for patients
  • Expanding patient-access within Asia-Pacific
  • Taking personalised healthcare in oncology to the next level

12:30 pm

Networking Lunch


1:30 pm

  • With increasing patient lifespan, demand for innovative medicine will continue to grow
  • Adapting market access strategies for new product launches and originator molecules
  • Accelerating the flow of potential new medicines from pipeline to the market

2:00 pm

  • Country specific measures taken to promote the development and commercialization of orphan drugs
  • Pricing and reimbursement strategies for developed markets
  • Delivering breakthrough therapies for rare disease patients


2:30 pm

  • Identifying pre-commercialisation molecules for new product planning
  • Defining launch excellence frameworks for new product launches in specialty care portfolio
  • Meeting launch deliverables, optimizing launch outcomes and mitigating risks
  • For speaking opportunities, please contact:
    Siang-Yee Tel: +65 65082446 | Email: siangyee.yeo@ibcasia.com.sg

3:30 pm

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break


5:00 pm

Chairperson’s Summary and End of Main Conference Day Two

9:00 am

Getting your product out into the market is only the first step. Gaining formulary access is another corporate strategy that pharma companies need to plan effectively. What are the barriers to overcome? What are the pathways to ensure readiness for formulary listing, and how can one increase the chances of approvals? Listen in on various case-studies and learn from past examples on drug listing.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Determining access readiness for new products
  • Preparing pharmacoeconmic evaluations/submissions for government evaluation
  • Potential pitfalls to note and risks to mitigate for
  • How to synergize with various stakeholders to speed up the approval process
  • Examining country-specific case studies

12:00 pm

End of workshop

9:00 am

Market access for pharmaceutical companies has become key concern, amidst tightening healthcare budgets. How can we continue expanding access to patients for innovative medicines, in view of existing budget constraints and limitations? Learn how to balance access and cost issues, and discover best practices for handling pricing pressures.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Designing and implementing cost-minimization and cost-effectiveness models to support local product adoption
  • Based on principle of Game Theory, examining how Australia forces price reductions following loss of exclusivity
  • Developing real-life scenarios, getting to know the details of the case and deciding which mechanism (expenditure cap, managed entry scheme, pay for performance arrangement) would be most acceptable to your company and why

12:00 pm

End of workshop


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Ho Weng Si

Director, Biomedical Sciences Group, Economic Development Board, Singapore

Nik Leist

Senior Director, Ingestible Sensor Manufacturing/Site Leader, Proteus Digital Health, USA

Enver Erkan

Country Manager, Pfizer Singapore

Alexis Serlin

Asia Cluster Head, Novartis

Miguel Angel Rivera Tapia

Global Digital Innovation Lead, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland

Robert Tan

Head of Market Access, Asia, Vifor Pharma, Singapore

Matt Slabbert

Head of Market Access, ANZ, Bayer, Australia

Kathleen Yeoh

Director, Corporate Affairs and Market Access, ASEAN, Eli Lilly & Company, Malaysia

Jie Shen

Corporate Global Head of Pricing and Value Policy, Novartis, Switzerland

Jamie (Min) Zhang

Head of Value Demonstration & Access APAC, Shire, China

Sirinthip Petcharapiruch

Head of HEOR, Real-World Insights, IQVIA Asia Pacific

Laurent Metz

HEMA Lead Asia Pacific – Medical Devices Sector, Johnson & Johnson, Singapore

Yuki Sato

Representative Director, Deallus Consulting, Japan

Min Su

Director, Healthcare Analytics – Group Healthcare, AIA, Hong Kong

Chan Wing Sze Cherry

Group Medical Advisor, AIA, Hong Kong

Yoshihiro Suwa

Partner, Head of Healthcare Southeast Asia, PT Roland Berger, Indonesia

Nathan Kothandaraman

Market Access & Government Affairs, Johnson & Johnson, Malaysia

Teck Jack Tan

Medical Director, Northeast Medical Group, Singapore

Timothy Low

Board of Director, Farrer Park Hospital l APAC Medical Head, Shire l Board of Director, PACRA, Singapore

Evelyn Pang

Head of Operations, Sanofi, Singapore

Yu-Wen Huang

Senior Executive Officer, Medical Review and Pharmaceutical Benefits Division, National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan

Gregory O’Toole

Reimbursement Strategy Specialist, AstraZeneca, Australia

Waranya Rattanavipapong

Head of International Unit, Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program (HITAP), Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

Neal Somchand

Principal, Deallus Consulting, Japan

Devmanyu Singh

Regional Business Development (APAC), Roche, Singapore

Hazel Dy Tioco

Asia Pacific Regional Director, Study Management and Logistics, Sanofi, Philippines

Yaron Turpaz

Chief Data & Technology Officer, Managing Director, Global Gene Corp, Singapore

Harish Dave

Chief Medical Officer, Executive Director, Aum Biosciences, Singapore

when & where

18 - 21 Sep 2018

One Farrer Hotel & Spa
1 Farrer Park Station Road
Singapore 217562

Contact Person: Daniel Koh
DDI: (+65) 6705 7884
Fax: (+65) 6834 7892
Cell: (+65) 86870123
Email: danielkoh@onefarrer.com


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