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P40076 Pharma Pricing – Commercial and Regulatory Strategies
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Pharma Pricing – Commercial and Regulatory Strategies

25 – 26 June 2018 | Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore

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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Pharma pricing schemes for generics, brands, biosimilars, OTC and more
  • Price control mechanisms and tools
  • Who sets the pricing and what influences them
  • The growing importance of “value for money” considerations
  • Regulations and pricing for different types of drugs, globally and in ASEAN
  • Understanding how healthcare structures and models impact pricing
  • Pharma pricing and reimbursement
  • How brand prices influence generic prices
  • The influence of supply and demand on generic prices

Case Studies and Group Exercises on:

  • Practical examples of how markets work and what drives them
  • Hand on case-studies of pricing under diverse health systems
  • Calculating pricing in “Out-of-pocket” scenarios
  • Scenario and stress testing

Who Should Attend

  • People in domestic marketing who want to learn about other markets
  • People in regulatory who want to learn about commercial issues
  • Strategic planners who want to know where they might go next
  • Those who want insight into the way that markets influence each other
  • Anyone who wants to understand global pricing issues


“Exercises were useful and trainer is knowledgeable”
– Noor Aida Binti Jaafar, Head of Marketing & Specialty Care, CCM Pharmaceutical

“Case Studies and the workshop activities really helped a lot and more practical”
– Praveen Kumar, Senior Manager, Pharmaniaga

“Informative & insightful. Had a chance to network and share discussion / cross learn from participants”
– Chng Kien Peng, Executive Director, Xepa-Soul Pattinson (S) Pte Ltd

“The course is very relevant to my job. The case studies and the workshop activities really helped a lot and were practical.
– Avadhanula Yagna Praveen Kumar, Senior Manager Intellectual Property, Pharmaniaga BHD

“Very informative. It covers all scopes under the topics”
– Norliza Binti Abdullah Zawawi, Legal Assistant Manager, Pharmaniaga Berhad


Peter Wittner


Day 1

The background – markets and pricing schemes

  • Pharmaceutical markets and what drives them
    • Worldwide
      • USA – high brand prices and high generic competition
      • EU – 28 different markets
      • EU – Free trade and pharmaceutical parallel trade
      • EU – open markets and generic tender markets
      • India – high competition and low prices
    • ASEAN
      • Indonesia – high volumes and pricing pressures
      • Philippines – tenders and reference prices
      • Vietnam – branded imports and local generic growth
      • Thailand – clamping down on high prices

Understanding healthcare structures and models

  • How do they impact pricing?
    • National health insurance schemes
      • How they work
      • The trailblazer – UK’s NHS
      • How it started
      • Health insurer relationships with Pharma
    • Private insurance schemes
      • How they work
      • The US example
      • The German system

Overview of ASEAN countries and healthcare systems

  • Public vs private insurance
  • National insurance schemes
    • Indonesia – Universal Health Coverage
    • Philippines – mixed public and private schemes
    • VietNam – Moving towards universal coverage
  • “Out-of-pocket” scenarios
    • Effect on pharmaceutical pricing

Price control mechanisms overview – part 1

  • Technology assessment schemes
    • Why do they exist?
    • Does the product bring any benefit?
    • Who makes the assessment?
    • UK – NICE
    • Germany – IQWIG
  • Value for money calculations
    • RWD/RWE – what are they
    • HEOR – what is it?
    • What impact have they had?

Price control mechanisms – part 2

  • Pharmaceutical prices – different approaches
    • Free pricing for brands
    • Controlled pricing for brands
    • Selected product comparisons
    • Impact of tendering
  • Reimbursement – a separate system
    • Impact of brand pricing on generics
    • Free pricing versus state control

Review of Day 1 topics and questions

Day 2

The background – local markets and pricing schemes

  • ASEAN overview – major markets
    • ASEAN in a global context
    • Indonesia
    • Philippines
    • Vietnam
    • Thailand
  • Pricing mechanisms
    • How are prices calculated?
      • Biosimilars – a history of pricing
    • Reference pricing
    • How do you apply for pricing?
  • Who do you apply to?
    • Indonesia
      • What you need to do
      • Timescales
    • Philippines
      • What you need to do
      • Timescales
    • Vietnam
      • What you need to do
      • Timescales
    • Thailand
      • What you need to do
      • Timescales
  • OTC regulations and pricing
    • What are the benefits of an OTC switch?
    • How is the switch made?
      • US
      • Europe
      • ASEAN examples
    • How do OTC and prescription prices compare?

Biosimilars and pricing

  • A history of Biosimilars
    • Biological markets
    • Europe – the trailblazers
    • US – a slow starter
    • Asian markets – India and China
  • Biosimilar prices
    • EU – a mixture of tenders and markets
    • US – a developing market
    • Asian markets – a mixed story

Prices around the world

  • Perspective – Pricing in the US
    • Brands
    • Generics and Biosimilars
  • Perspective – Pricing in the EU
    • Brands
    • Generics and biosimilars


when & where

25 - 26 Jun 2018

Mandarin Orchard Singapore, by Meritus
333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867
Tel: +65 6831 6062 | Fax: +65 6737 3130
Mobile No.: +65 8298 9442

Contact Person: Tan Ai Li

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