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Climate Change Is A Brewing Challenge for Coffee Producers – An Interview with Judith Ganes

What is The Competitive Landscape Of Coffee Farming? The belief that it is the middleman that gets squeezed could not be truer when it comes to coffee farming and the production outlook.  This is noted on the local level and then in turn, is reflected in country statistics, showing the extreme challenges, mid-size coffee growers…

28 Nov 2018, by IBC Asia Insights


Agricultural Financing and Its Challenges

Increasing Demand for Agricultural Commodities In East Asia and the Pacific, the agricultural sector contributes in average 10% to 18% of the GDP, and 40% to 50% of the employment. In the last 10 years, economic development has reduced poverty significantly, with an important increase of the middle class. Growing population and the emergence of…

28 Nov 2018, by IBC Asia Insights
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