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South Korea Plans To Make Renewable Energy Push With 3020 – An Interview With Woo Jin Choi

What current issues are impacting your industry?  In December 2017, South Korea announced the Renewable Energy 3020 Implementation Plan (“RE3020”), an ambitious roadmap to produce 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030 (renewable currently accounts for 7% of the total energy mix), and is now in the process of enacting laws to mandate the government to abide by the RE3020. In response to this, we understand that market players (i.e., local developers, investors, and generation companies) are revising their…

18 Dec 2018, by IBC Asia Insights


Philippines Sees Slow Progress in Wind Energy Development – An Interview with Alma Roxas-Aguila

What Are the Current Issues Impacting the Renewable Energy Industry? In the Philippines, wind energy development has been progressing slowly. One major reason is brought about by the difficulty in obtaining offtake agreements, that need to undergo a Competitive Selection Process (CSP). Given that CSPs in the Philippines must be technology-neutral, wind projects can find…

30 Nov 2018, by IBC Asia Insights


Potentials and Prospects of India’s Renewable Energy Sector

Great Strides in Government Support but Challenges Still Persist Indian legal institutions are making great initiatives to promote renewable energy within the country. By providing required policy support and continuously calling new renewable bids, the Government of India has taken progressive steps, resulting in addition of 13 GW of renewable capacity in financial year 17-18…

28 Nov 2018, by IBC Asia Insights


Perhaps Blockchain is the Missing Link to a Successful Renewable Energy Transition?

Amongst the first of its kind in the world, Singapore recently unveiled its blockchain-powered Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) marketplace which enables buyers and sellers from all around the globe to trade renewable energy. Despite its lack of resources such as land to produce renewable energy onshore, blockchain tech has the potential to boost renewable energy…

28 Nov 2018, by IBC Asia Insights


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