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Asia PropTech was started to build awareness of the PropTech industry in Asia. We started by building awareness of PropTech in Asia and connecting PropTech startups and to the real estate industry in Asia. Asia PropTech realizes most PropTech startups need to be at least a regional player to succeed and that many real estate companies are trying to solve similar problems. Asia PropTech, helps startups to align their solutions to the needs of the real estate industry in Asia to create innovative solutions.

We provide an ecosystem where startups, real estate leaders, government and academia may collaborate and experiment with technology and models to inject innovation to existing and new business models. This ecosystem, backed by sound business expertise, acceleration methods and funding, creates value throughout the real estate value chain.

PropTech Data Partner is the leading global community for PropTech data, information and research. The only platform containing everything you need to know about the industry, Unissu offers unbridled insights into the rapidly growing world of PropTech. Users can search our global company directory, read reports written by industry experts, stay on top of news and events, and make new connections that can transform their businesses. Unissu will keep you involved, informed and engaged each and every day. Join a growing and global PropTech community at

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Disruptive.Asia covers the current state of digital disruption in the Asia-Pacific telecommunications industry – where it’s coming from, what’s driving it, the impact it’s having on the industry, how telecoms players are responding and what’s next.

The acceleration of next-generation telecoms/IT technology is turning traditional business paradigms on their heads. But that’s not a bad thing – digital disruption is creating new opportunities for APAC telecoms players savvy (and brave) enough to embrace it and become part of the disruptive vanguard. Our mission at Disruptive.Asia is to question it, make sense of it, and provide a reality check to the breathless hype driving the race to the 5G Digital Economy of Things (whatever that means).

Oxford Business Group (OBG) is a global publishing, research and consultancy firm, which publishes economic intelligence on the markets of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

OBG offers comprehensive analysis of macroeconomic and sectoral developments, including banking, capital markets, energy, infrastructure, industry and insurance.

OBG’s acclaimed economic and business reports are the leading source of local and regional intelligence, while OBG’s online economic briefings provide up-to-date in-depth analysis. OBG’s consultancy arm offers tailor-made market intelligence and advice to firms operating in these markets and those looking to enter them.

Tech Wire Asia is an independent tech news website that covers enterprise and technology.

In-depth features and analyses from writers across the globe provides cultural insights, alongside daily news and stories. Tech Wire Asia focuses on the way SMEs use technology to grow and prosper. Our content is written for innovators, entrepreneurs, business managers, channel partners, and change makers who are passionate about technology and turning ideas into solutions.

Our readers come from a diverse range of countries in Asia and abroad. We’re always keeping an eye out for exciting innovations, up-and-coming companies, and life-changing technology from around the region.

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